Xplor High Season


This tour is for High Season periods:

April 10th to 23rd – July 3rd to Aug 20th – Dec 17th to Jan 3rd.

For Low Season, please click here.


Tour Details

From APRIL, 10th to 23rd – JULY, 3rd to AUGUST 20th – DECEMBER. 17th to JANUARY, 3rd

Have fun at Xplor, a park in the heart of the forest where you can enjoy activities of adventure, with the most modern and safest equipment. Glide over amazing zip-lines, drive on and below the earth in amphibious vehicles, explore caves and marvel at the ancient formations of stalactites and stalagmites in the underground rivers.

Xplor offers a delicious buffet with options for everyone, from salads to pizza for those willing to have more energy.

Tour Xplor is the adventure you’ve been looking for!


  • Go through two circuits of 7 zip-lines each.
  • Swim along 430 yards in the Stalactite River.
  • Drive along 6.2 mile through two circuits with Amphibious Vehicles.
  • Explore caves with stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Enjoy an unlimited buffet and beverages.